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Trickey's Diesel offers diesel services for industrial, construction, and automotive purposes. If you are experiencing issues such as fuel consumption, power loss, or smoky exhaust from your diesel engine, it is recommended to get it serviced. Trickey's Diesel has experience servicing diesel engines in the Bendigo region and throughout Australia.

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Specialising in :


  • Diesel Engine Servicing

  • Diesel Power Generation

  • Diesel 4x4 

  • Agricultural Machinery

  • Irrigation Equipment

  • Filters & Lubricants 

Sales & Service of Diesel Generators


Trickey's Diesel specialises in the service of most diesel engines and servicing of generators from 7Kva to, 2000Kva.


We have a large range of spare parts.

Trickey's Diesel is a supplier of Perkins Diesel Parts, a trusted name in the diesel engine field.


Diesel Engines Servicing 

When you want to get your diesel running smoothly for  your car or agricultural equipment, then come in and see the friendly staff at Trickey's Diesel.


When it comes to engines, we only service diesel engines, that is our speciality.

One of our biggest advantages for you is that we save you time. We save time because we have access to the finest diesel engines all over the country.

Diesel Generator Sales

Trickey's Diesel can source a vast range of generators from leading manufacturers from 7 KVA to 2000 KVA. With resources like this we can virtually guarantee that we can source a generator for your specific needs.

Trickey's Diesel is your Diesel Engine servicer in the Bendigo Region.

We service most diesel engines, as well as being able to service diesel fuel injection. Trickey's Diesel can source a vast range of diesel engines from Perkins, a world leader in diesel engines.

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Diesel Engine Service and Repairs

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